Thursday, December 6, 2012

a holiday home tour

happy december, my friends!
i hope you're doing well and enjoying this wonderful season.
i know it's been a while, so i'll see if i can give you a quick catch up, then send you over to where i am today!  we've been busy little elves decorating our home for our very first christmas, establishing our own traditions, and i've been training for my first half marathon.  crazy, huh?
it'd be really crazy if you knew where i've been and where i am now (more on that to come, but exercise used to be a major chore and i'm truly enjoying it and feel the best i've ever felt.  major victory if you ask me!).  oh, and i'm jet settin' to NYC for the first time on monday!  eee!  sounds like a season of a lot of firsts if you ask me...and it's been a season full of lots of laughter and growth, for which i am very thankful for!  

step into our holiday home over at Mattie's blog, somethings, today!
can't wait to see you there!

p.s.  Mattie designed our *very first* christmas card for us this year!  she's major talent, so check out her work here and fall in love.  can't wait to share the final product!  until next time...


  1. Kristin, your home is so pretty and warm and Christmasy! You have a special touch, and your home is lovely! Happy 1st Married Christmas!

  2. Kristin, Happy last Christmas. Every person remember many things in life like his/her first Christmas, first college day, first office day, first marriage day and night. Life is very precocious thing. Well... your house is looking very beautiful like your Christmas. But you never show your other rooms i want to see your furniture and other stuff etc. Recently i have purchased new furniture for my new house from online furniture stores, they give me big discount. I was very happy and my Christmas was very good.


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