Friday, November 2, 2012

on the brain

we've been welcoming a lot of beautiful new fabric at the store post furniture market and elizabeth hamilton's new line has me absolutely swooning!  especially this great green.  i'm picturing it in bedrooms, breakfast rooms and more importantly, on the walls of powder rooms.  that's right, all of her fab fabrics come in wallpaper.  as if it weren't good enough!
OPI's "nein. nein. nein. ok, fine" is claiming it's territory on my nails this fall...
can't. take. it. off.  love it.  
now.  these lululemon pants have won me over.  to be honest, i didn't understand the workout gear craze.  i especially wasn't on board when i walked into the store and immediately felt like julia roberts in pretty woman.  alas, i bought a pair of these and it's revolutionized my latest barre method obsession.  
we ate this baked shrimp in tomato feta sauce over steamed rice last night and i'm already looking forward to leftovers.  seriously.  make this.  so easy and delicious.
speaking of working out, it's taking a real effort to not eat all of our leftover halloween candy in one sitting...i'll let you know how long i practice self control.
finally, these shoes are beautiful and perfect in every way.  i'm quite certain i would never take them off.  ever.  

happy november, y'all!
what's on your brain these days?


  1. Lululemon is one of my weaknesses and the wunder under pants only fuel the fire. I justify it by how long they last- I've had the same lulu top's since freshman year of college and it's still in great quality. I also stock their "we made too much" section of the website for markdowns!

  2. Are those YOUR feet in those shoes?!! I really like them!!


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