Friday, March 23, 2012

floral friday.

last weekend after the 1st birthday party, jeff and i continued onto charlotte for a sweet friend's engagement party.  naturally, i scheduled a hair appointment with my girl...she's the only one i trust with this bob (and i haven't been able to bring myself to find someone new in charleston...suggestions welcome)!  and then with the 2 hours i had to spare before the party i scooted into anthropologie for a little retail therapy.  what else is a girl to do?  even the smell of the capri blue volcano candle makes me nostalgic for the days i spent working there (and for that precious discount, of course!).  

i immediately found my sweet friend, micah, who is the fabulous personal shopper for anthro in charlotte because i knew she'd lead me to the real winners.  (if you're in the charlotte area, go in and see her.  she'll set ya up!)  she brought me this beautiful blouse in a different colorway with the perfect pop of mint and i absolutely fell in love!  i also walked away with this skirt and am super pumped about it.  (lucky for you, these things went on sale this week and they're exclusive to anthro!  get them now or they'll be gone!)  ironically, all of the pieces that i was drawn to were Sariah by Sariah Carson, a new designer to anthro and to me. after a little research i thought i'd share with you some of my fave pieces of hers for spring!

it's no secret that i love vibrant color and my girl, Sariah, is delivering!
not to mention her floral has a great modern edge to it and doesn't feel too sweet or feminine.

more styles and deets on where to buy here.

happy friday, spring chickens!


  1. I went to order that blouse and was afraid it was going to be two short on my. (sometimes I imagine I am 5'10") Should I give it a go?!

  2. I'm just saying...You make people feel like a million bucks. Your shoutouts are awesome. TGIF :)


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