Wednesday, March 14, 2012

bulldawg nation.

i've been dreaming about this shot of nick olsen's bedroom since i saw it on little green notebook here.
(i decided to do a little digging and read the original article here, then continued to stalk him on his blog here, then realized this is the same nick jamie meares from furbish/i suwanne talks about here!!!  
two people that have such stellar taste should be bff.  
and who knew the blogging world would be SO small?  not me, but this is still my first week.)

anyway...back to, my new friend, nick's bedroom.  
i was pretty sure initially that it was the red bedskirt that got me.  
that red.  so unexpected.  so right.
but then i started looking at the green stripes.  and the lamp.  and that brilliant purple chair.
and they all kept chasing each other in my mind...

...until i read this post about red accents on design manifest
(do you see what i do?  i stalk you all.  shamelessly.)
and decided that it is, in fact, the unexpected pop of red that really just tickles my fancy.
(afterall, i'm a georgia bulldawg.  gotta rep that pop of red.  #bulldawg nation.)

and almost as amazing as how connected my blogging finds have been here lately,
the same was true with the red in the rooms i've bookmarked on my computer and keep going back to.


 the pops in here?  
(yeah, you just noticed the beautiful ikat madeline weinrib pillows too, didn't you?)

and here.

the pillows and those red books...
so perfectly placed you just barely make out that it's the red speaking to you here

and especially
oh, that red velvet.  who said it was only good in cake form?

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  1. oh pops of red, one of my absolute faves! That living room from elle decor has been a long time favorite of mine. Although with all of that white and a husband like mine I would have to buy stock in bleach! xo-


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